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Slide In recent years, we have specialized in advising new projects in Mallorca, both for those of us who have always lived on the island and for those who have arrived for the first time.

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Marga Matas YourLawyerinPalma

I studied law at the University of the Balearic Islands and i registered in 1992.

During the following four years, i had the opportunity to practice as a foreign intern in
various offices in the City of London, which gave me the opportunity to learn about a very different legal system from ours, this showed me another way of working, another mentality, it helped me to perfect the language, and acquire an international network of contacts.

My office has never been comparable in size to those macro offices in the City of London, but in quality of service, proximity to the client to whom i have always been able to offer comprehensive advice, trying to simplify the complicated, always looking for effective and fast solutions to the extent as much as possible.

It can be said that “creating” the solution tailored to the client’s needs and the circumstances of the case is our commitment.

Solving conflicts is always a challenge, introducing creativity to each case brings great success and gives me complete satisfaction.

The areas of law to which i dedicate myself with preference are those related to property, family law, business law, all of this for both Spanish and foreign English-speaking clients.

I am an amateur sailor, which has led me to connect with numerous professionals in the
nautical sector, at this new stage i do not exclude the possibility to also dedicate myself to this area of law.


In all areas of law, we prioritize mediation for the resolution of any type of conflict, promoting out of court settlement and avoiding as far as possible the jurisdictional route before the courts. We live more than ever in the moment of negotiation and agreement.

We pride ourselves on always being in search to provide the most practical and effective solutions for our clients, with more than 25 years of experience in the profession, this is our guarantee

Family Law, Successions (Inheritance law), Wills with elements of foreign law.

Property and Construction Law.

Criminal Law.

Non-profit organizations

Business Venture, Constitucién of partnerships, asset management, Insolvencies.

Legal Services.


We offer our clients a modern, flexible, and dynamic environment that fosters connection and communication. Space where they received guidance and advice.


Family Law, Successions (Inheritance law), Wills with elements of Foreign Law

  • Separation and divorce proceedings.
  • Custody and maintenance proceedings.
  • These proceedings will prioritize the way of agreement between the parties in which the lawyer in addition to his legal role acts as a qualified mediator.
  • The consensual way shortens the time to obtain a sentence, lessens the emotional stress to all parties involved and considerably reduces costs.
  • Wills – acceptance of inheritance with or without a will; legacies; delivery of legacies. Legal and tax issues. Wills with elements of foreign law.

Property and Construction Law

  • Legal and tax advice on sales, rural and urban leases.
  • Advice concerning issues related to neighborhood communities (horizontal property law).
  • Work contracts with or without the supply of materials, both new construction and renovations of existing buildings.

Criminal law

  • Criminal Law.
  • Legal Advice.
  • Criminal defence of legal entities in any type of criminal file.

Non-Profit Organizations

  • Constitution and legal and fiscal advice for associations and foundations.

Business Venture, Constitucién of partnerships, asset management, Insolvencies.

  • Legal and fiscal advice when starting a business, both as a natural person and as a legal entity.
  • Wealth management. We advise our clients so that they can optimize the performance of their assets
  • Business plans for a more efficient and productive management.
    Advice to creditors or debtors in cases of insolvency.

Legal Services

  • All kinds of legal procedures for both resident and non-resident clients.